With all the commotion continuing throughout the nation on COVID-19, many popular streaming sites such as Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu have been adding new television shows and popular films to their services. One of the most widely talked about documentaries of late has been Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. The show has been #1 on Netflix’s Top 10 throughout the past two weeks, with thousands of comments and appraisal. Teenagers and adults have been creating content revolving around the life of Joe Exotic, with celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone and Donnie Wahlberg dressing up and following with the show’s endeavors.

What’s It About?

The show revolves around the tensions of Joe Maldonado-Passage, otherwise known as Joe Exotic, and Carole Baskin, owner of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. If there was one word to describe the limited series, it would be: chaos. Many individuals have taken the side of Joe Exotic after watching the show as suspicions, corruption, and lies perpetuated the life of rival Carole Baskin, who sought to destroy the world of exotic animal facilities while she herself committed acts of injustice in the care of these large cats.

Who is The Tiger King?

Joe Exotic owned G.W. Zoo located in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Known for his famous country music videos, unique attire, reckless attitude, free spirit, and even his presidential campaign, Exotic’s facility was claimed to house the largest population of exotic cats in the world and exhibited additional wildlife such as alligators, bears, monkeys, and birds. Gaining quick popularity, Exotic worked for the care and protection of large cats who he had loved from a young age. However, Carole Baskin claimed his doings were against the protection of these precious creatures, seeking her facilities as a sanctuary for “abandoned” and tortured cats.

Baskin however has antagonized a business that she herself contains for financial gain. Caging animals with harsh conditions and questioned of the murder of her husband, Baskin has constantly claimed her actions are for the love and “protection” of creatures in which Joe Exotic wished to bring her down.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness reveals mass opinion and questioning of the lives of these individuals and tells the story of how these large cats are treated within the groups they are upon. I sincerely believe everyone that has the opportunity to watch the show does before all the episodes are leaked throughout popular Internet memes and videos. Who knows what the next hit series will be while under the life of quarantine.



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